Recommended gear for tube light-painting

Here’s a list of tools that I’m using with the tubes. (most are affiliate links, but each item is something I use)

1- Flashlights

Any 1" head (25mm) flashlight is going to fit easily inside this tube. That means most of the 18650 battery type flashlight available on the market. I usually prefer a flashlight that can be powered on from the back button. It is easier to turn on/off the light when it's inside the tube.

  1. Olight M1X Striker - amazon

  2. Olight M1X Striker with pressure switch - amazon

  3. Nitecore MT22c (check out my review on youtube) - amazon

    Pressure switch for the MT22c (RSW1) - amazon

  4. Convoy S2+ - Banggood (make sure you get the one with a side clip!) - Best budget option

You might have seen on my older videos that I’ve been recommending the Eagletac D25LC2 a lot. This used to be my main flashlight. However, Eagletac changed this model without any notice and any indication on their website (there’s not even a way to know which version you’re going to get when you purchase). What changed? This flashlight doesn’t have constant strobe anymore. Without the constant strobe, it’s nearly impossible to make beautiful stripes. I tested dozens of flashlights over the past months, and in late October 2018, I finally found the right one. The Olight M1X Striker has pretty much everything: powerful, constant strobe, perfect size for my tubes, memory mode, 4 power levels, direct access to the brighest mode, 5 minutes before cooling down, sturdy side clip.

As of late October 2018, the Olight M1X Striker is my main flashlight for the blue hour. I’m still using the Nitecore MT22c for the dimmer. I’m not using the Nitecore at the blue hour mostly because of it’s weird strobe pattern (super thin lines)

From my experience, constant strobe is available on all Olight, Nitecore (thin lines), Astrolux, Thrunite and Convoy brands. On the other hand, these brands have variable (non-constant) on some or all of their flashlights: Thorfire, Eagletac, Klarus (can be cheated by holding down the switch).

For batteries, check out Stephen Knight buying guide: I use mostly only Olight and Nitecore batteries.

Battery charger: here’s the one that I’ve been using for about two years: Nitecore D4 Digicharge universal home/in-car battery charger.

2- Camera triggers

  1. Yongnuo RF-603C II Wireless Flash Trigger Kit - amazon

  2. Impact PowerSync16-80 Transceiver - BH Photo

(to be continued)