Introducing the Tiny Tubes!

The Tiny Tubes are finally here! And they’re not alone. You can now get the tubes in five different length:

  1. Full: 46.5" (118cm) - These are the long ones. Most of my images are made with these ones.

  2. 3/4: 34.875" (88.5cm) - Just a bit smaller and easier to travel with!

  3. Half: 23.25" (59cm) - Amazing length to create various patterns (samples to be added here)

  4. Mini: 11.625" (29.5cm) - Nothing new here, these are 1/4 the size of the big ones

  5. Tiny: 5.8" (14.75cm) - This is what I used to create the picture below. You can get 9 tiny tubes for 109$ on the shop

Tiny-tube light-painting with Kim Henry

Tiny-tube light-painting with Kim Henry

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Eric Pare