Light-painting tutorial: How to create and use holographic feathers for your tubes!

Ok that was a fun experiment! I don’t remember how Kim got that idea, but it feels like she talked about it and boom, we had our feet in the snow shooting with them. The holographic feathers are an amazing addition to the tubes, and I highly encourage you to build a few, and to experiment with various things to put on top of your tubes!

You can find these holographic sheets in arts and craft store or on Amazon for a very decent price. But make sure that they are sticky as it's much easier this way. The cap that I'm using is a black half one from I use this one as I need to let the light go through it to reach the feather. The ziptie can also be found on my online store, but for reference, the size is 4.8mm wide by 18cm long. But don't limit yourself to holographic papers. There are so many things that can be put on top of the tubes. I want to see your ideas. Feed us with what you have in mind let's continue to grow this amazing art, this amazing tribe.

My gear:
Rainbow holographic paper :
Holographic paper:

Watch the two videos above to see how we created the feathers and how we used them. In addition, you’ll find below a few pictures that might help you getting started right away! :)

Eric Pare