How to make your own rainbow holographic light-painting tube!

Why are we doing this?

Stacy Tran: “I appreciate that you guys make video helping other to make their own diy tubes, while also having your own brand of tubes that you sell.”
Eric: “Thanks! I think that it makes sense as I've always pushed for diy version (from way before I started to sell the tubes). But it took me so long to figure out the way to make the holographic ones. What I'm showing in this video is an "easy" version, but mine are still brighter, stronger, and they smell better. Wait, what?”

Forget that non-sense about the smell, but my point is that yes, I’m selling tubes, but that is for many reasons that have nothing to do with the actual tube community and my desire to grow this form of art. I’ve been teaching this technique (including DIY solutions) since day one.


Video transcript

[Eric] Rainbow light-painting dates from 2012 for me. I was experimenting with stuff I could find at the arts and craft store. This square rainbow paper as been my main tools for a long time before I started to work with tubes.

[Kim] Then in 2017, we made a rainbow panel using vinyl. That is the same material we’re using for our actual tubes. Today, we’re showing you exactly how you can make your own rainbow tube.

Here’s what you need :

First, cut a piece of cake collar about the same length as your tube.

Then cut a slice of vinyl that is about half the width of the cake collar

With patience and love, stick the vinyl on the cake collar. It might be helpful to fix the cake collar on a table so it doesn’t move.

You might end up with some bubbles. You can keep them to add some texture to your pictures, but you can also get rid of them by pressing them toward the edge.

Then insert the rainbow slice in the tube and fix both ends with the tape. Insert your flashlight inside the tube and that’s it, you're good to go! Made that way, your tube is compatible with our usual end-caps. [You can also make a rainbow feather to put on top for some extra magic.] We decided to add a few pieces of black tape to add some zebra patterns. Let’s see what kind of magic we can create with that.

The day I had the idea about the cake collar, I went to buy this cake. It went pretty well (and I ate it all!)

The day I had the idea about the cake collar, I went to buy this cake. It went pretty well (and I ate it all!)

What about the official tubes?

The tubes that I sell on my online store are not made using cake collar of course. I’m using high-quality / super expensive Rosco clear gel to keep everything in place. The ends are sealed with pre-cut finger-style tape and come with a colored label. You’ll find tons of different colors on the light-painting tube online store.

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Holographic kit A -  buy online

Holographic kit A - buy online

About the Tube Stories

We are Kim Henry and Eric Paré. We are a dancer/photographer duo making our way using a tube, a feather, and a flashlight. Everything we do is lit by hand, one frame at a time. Light-painting for us is a lifestyle, and this is what we share with our audience. The purpose of the Tube Stories is to bring a brighter and more colorful night to whoever is going to cross our path. Our work has been presented on the BBC, CNN, MTV, VICE, TEDx and much more.

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