Which flashlights to use for tube light-painting?

Flashlight update! It’s been 9 months since I made my “The best flashlight for tube light-painting - 2019 edition” review. Not much have changed since then, but I wanted to make a small update.

I'm now using only 3 of the 6 flashlights that I've been recommending in this list!

1- Olight M1x non-striker (we sanded the bezel): this is my go to flashlight for the blue hour. It's powerful, easy to operate and I never had any failure with this one. I always start the night with a pair of those.


2- Nitecore MT22c: this is the only flashlight that I'm using after the blue hour (because of the dimmer and the pressure switch). I stopped using the "outline" flashlight a while ago when we started playing with the "black tube". I keep breaking my pressure switches (I have at least 5 dead bodies), but this is still my best option for this purpose


3- Klarus XT2CR: that's the only one that I use in the studio (all of our indoors tutorials, everything in 360).

Eric Pare